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Pyare Afzal – It’s a Love story

Pyare Afzal was a story about love but it was not just about any love; it was a story about extraordinary love. It was a deeply heartbreaking story of intense and never-ending love between two souls. ‘Pyare Afzal’ can easily be categorized in the same class as ‘Romeo & Juliet’, ‘Heer Ranjha’ and ‘Laila Majnoo’. This is no exaggeration and the widely acclaimed fame is proof of that. The team of ‘Pyare Afzal’ won every single award at The Lux Style Awards 2015 clean sweeping the entire TV category.

Best Drama: Pyare Afzal
Best TV actor: Hamza Ali Abbasi
Best TV Actress: Ayza Khan
Best TV Director: Nadeem Baig
TV Writer: Khalilur Rehman

The popular drama serial was an emotional roller-coaster ride; extremely expressive in exposing the deep reality of human relationships. This drama is sure to become a classic that will be remembered for years and years to come. A story that was so heart touching that it had the entire nation praying for its happy ending. It was so moving that the tragic end had everyone heartbroken and in tears.


Not just the story, the title track was enough to get the emotions overflowing:

“Jane Woh Kaise Log The Jin Kay Pyar Ko Pyar Mila
Humne To Jab Kaliyaan Maangi Kantoon Ka Haar Mila
Bichad Gaya Her Sathi Daiker Pal Do Pal Ka Sath
Kis Ko Fursat Hay Jo Thame Dewano Ka Hath”


This story was about a boy ‘Afzal’ who fell in love with a girl named ‘Farah’, a girl he wasn’t allowed or meant to fall in love with. She was the forbidden fruit for a boy like him, far from his reach and separated by class difference. But like they say, you don’t get to choose who you fall in love with and the heart wants what the heart wants. Afzal had absolutely no control. The simple son of a molvi wanted to make all his dreams come true by becoming a ‘bara admi’ and winning the love of his life.

Afzal and Farah were the leading characters of the drama but Yasmeen’s character was a great supporting role. She played the strong pillar in bridging the communication gap between the two unfortunate love birds. When you love someone, you do not hold them captive. You care enough to set them free if their happiness lies with another and that’s exactly what she did. Yasmeen was a woman with a very strong character and incomparable strength. She defied the cultural Pakistani norms- stood up and got engaged to Afzal but when she learned the truth about his love for Farah , she backed out of the whole scene. A huge round of applause for Yasmeen, It takes a lot of courage to do that!

The story had its highs and lows but it did come to a point where finally Afzal and Farah did express their love for one another. But unfortunately great love stories have to end in tragedy, or like they say tragedies make great love stories. Afzal and Farah’s story was no different. Afzal’s encounter with the gangland cost him his life and while he was expressing his love to Farah, he was shot point-blank on his way back from Karachi.

To watch the  complete drama Pyare Afzal in HD quality click here 

Khalil-ur-Rahman brought tears to the eyes of the public through his impeccable dialogue writing producing some of the most memorable lines from recent television history.


1.“Meri Auqaat nahi hai ke mein Farah se Muhabbat kar sakun lekin us se Muhabbat karne ka Haq hai mujhe”- Afzal

2.“Mere abba kaha karte thay ke mardon mein se asal mard ko phechaana aisa hai jese saare tarboozon mein se lal tarbooz phechaana”- Sheikh Ibrahim

3.“Dil ki Saari baatein dil walon ke pass amanat hoti hain aur who amanat mein khayanat nahi kya karte”- Afzal

4.“Mein Maulvi Subhanallah ka beta hun Wali aur who mujhe bataya karte thay ke maut Zindagi ki hifazat karti hai is se mat darna zindagi se darna yeh wahan maarti hai jahan paani bhi nahi milta”- Afzal

5.“Pata hai yeh goli mujhe pheli baar nahi lagi aik goli mujhe Hyderabad mein bhi lagi thi dil ko cheerkar nikal gai thi mene khud operation kiya tha khud taanke lagai thay magar toota hua dil zayada solid nahi hota sirf zinda rakhne ke liye kaam ata hai”- Afzal

6.“Mera naam badal diya jai Abba mujhe nahi pata yahan Afzal kon hai jo begunhai mein maare jaate hain ya jinko mene maara hai”- Afzal

7.“Farah ke sirf moun per ghussa hota hai andar se to who bilkul mombatti hai zara si aanch dikhao pighal jai gi” – Lubna

8.“Is tarah milo jese bin bulaye gham se milte hain, pass bulaya dil mein rakha aur phir kaha tumhaari to aisi ki taisi”- Lubna

9.“Yeh akhri akhri badtameeziyan hain pyaray phir tum kahan aur mein kahan”- Yasmeen

10.“Marne se dar nahi lagta yaar magar jeene ka buhat dil karta hai”- Babu Hameed

11.“Tumhaari Kasam Afzal chahe uske gham mein jalte rehna magar in khaton ko nahi jalana”- Yasmeen

12. “Apko kasam hai meri shadi hojai to dua nahi dijiyega mera naam le kar khaiyega jao Farah humne tumhe maaf kya”- Farah

13.“Main Afzal ban jaata lekin mujhe koi batai to sahi ke Afzal aisa hota hai”- Afzal

14.Kya muhabbat main bewafai karna zaruri hai, hum Bichar Bhi tou saktey hain..

15.Us sey ro ker mangtey hain…mang ker nahi rotey..

16.Bara Aadmi agar tumharay andar Nahi hai tou woh phir bahir kahi nahi milay ga.

17.Karachi main dekha hai na…badal aajatey hain barish nahi hoti…buss yehi howa hai mere sath..Badal aaye…barish nahi hoi..

18.Muhabbat main bohat taqat hoti hai…woh to cho’ ker zinda ker deti hai…

19.Kissi din tujhe b bad’dua de donga k ja..tujhe b Muhabbat hojai!

20. Pehli Muhabbat mein yahi hota hai k kabhi khat nahi milta, tou kabhi khat likney wali nahi milti..

21. Dua mang ker bhi dartey rahoge to lagega k qubool ker ne wale per aitbar nahii..

22.Usko dekh ker laga k pyar agar one-sided ho to pyar se kuch ziada hota ha..per yeh nai pata chalta k pyar, pyar se ziada ho to kia hota hai

23. Ek tha Afzal…jaan se bhi pyara Bhai..per Jaan pyari nahi thi usay..

24. Ek Shahen’Shah Ne Daulat Ka Sahara Le Kar..
Hum Ghareebon Ki Muhabbat Ka Uraya Hai Mazak…

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