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Sunday | October 26, 2014

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Ek Mohaabat Kay Baad

Mother’s love can never fade – ‘Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad’

Mothers on earth are a glimpse of heaven and no one can replace that love. ‘Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad’ is a story about Rania and Ahmer...
Main Bushra

Bushra being the man of the house – ‘Main Bushra’

A girl is the important person on who the entire family is build on, whereas a father is the head of the house and nothing goes...

The new bride enters in ‘Daraar’

Brides are generally the source of keeping the family happy but Ayela who is the elder son’s wife is not letting the once-happy family have a...
Chup Raho

Chup Raho Rameen!

Keeping quiet to save our family’s life is a good deed but when the family does not understand the silence that just gets off limits to...
Arranged Marriage

The second Nikkah in ‘Arranged Marriage’

Women sacrifice the most but men refuse to understand them and when there is no understanding the marriage cannot carry on. ‘Arranged Marriage’ is a story...