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This Valentines Celebrate Being Solo

“Am I pretty enough to win him over? , “He loves me, he loves me not!” , “I don’t want to celebrate this valentine’s day alone.. , “Will you be my valentine”? !! Well these thoughts have just made every girl in the world so quirky that every year when the whole world is celebrating this puppy love day, our single community is whining over the tragedy of being SOLO!.

Please yourself by stepping out of the box and find ways to make your day filled with joy.

Celebrate your freedom by yourself.

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Stand Up and revolt against the notion, as the party should also be arranged for singles!

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Enjoy the music while you are alone at home

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Display your confidence , Show em’ what you got!

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Don’t be sad if you are lacking a lover boy

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Chin Up ladies and walk your sassy little feet to celebrate your liberty

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Abia Gill

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