Zakham Ep – 23 – 23rd August 2017

August 23, 2017 4235 No Comments


‘Zakham’ is a story of complicated relationships, societal pressures and the resulting pain and suffering it brings to people’s lives.

Khawar, the male lead of the story, is a psychotic character who loves to torture his wife even when she is pregnant.

Tehreem, his wife, is the eldest daughter of his family who bears Khawar’s torture everyday but stays silent out of love for her husband and hopes that he will become a better man someday.

Tehreem has a younger sister named Takbeer, who is the female lead of the drama. She loves Moosa and is engaged to him.

The twist comes when Tehreem dies while giving birth to her child. Takbeer, like a good sister, looks after her sister’s child as her own. Seeing her affection for her sister’s child, Takbeer’s family decides and pressurizes  her to leave her love and marry Khawar.

Takbeer is in a tight spot!

What will she do with her life? Will she take the responsibility of her sister’s child marry Khawar or listen to her heart and keep her engagement with Moosa intact?