Vasl-e- Yaar – Ep – 02 – 28th September 2015

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Vasl-e- Yaar – Ep – 02 – 28th September 2015The story revolves around love and its complications, waiting for love becomes the root cause of heartache pain and suffering.

Minahil is in Shahyan’s Nikkah; and waiting for Shahyan to come back; as he has gone somewhere without informing anyone.

Vasl-e- Yaar –  Episode – 02 – 28th September 2015 Drama Plot

Anaya is Asfand’s wife who dies after some time of their marriage and Asfand is now trying to recover himself from his life time loss.

Asfand and Minahil are neighbors and are both suffering from same trauma of pain in love.

As best supporters; with time they have realized that they both have started feeling love for each other and decide to get married.

And the climax of the story begins when Shahyan comes back..

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