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‘Bikhray Moti’ is the story of a young girl, Aiza who has dreams of making a better future for herself. But fate has something else in store for her, a promise to her dying sister takes her on a completely different path, and her mission becomes saving the lives of her nephews and niece from their heartless father, Zulfi and the evils of the society.

Written By: Edison Idrees

Directed By: Shahid Shafaat


Yasir Nawaz ,
Neelam Muneer,
Wahaj Ali,
Nausheen Shah,
Samina Ahmed,
Waseem Abbas
Shaista Jabeen
Rashid Farooqui
Faiza Gillani
Saleem Mairaj
Mukhtar Shehzad
Fareeda Shabir
Tasneem Ansari
Damisha Wali
Anas Yaseen
Hazik Wali

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