Tum Meri Ho Ep – 07 – 17th June 2016

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Tum Meri Ho Ep – 07 – 17th June 2016Love is a strong emotion that creates a world of happiness for whoever is involved -but if one of them is full of malice in their heart, then the entire world shatters.

Tum Meri Ho is a tragic tale of two brothers in love with the same girl – younger brother Zayan falls in love with his fellow student Ana, unaware that his elder brother is about to marry the same girl, and Zayan’s love for Ana turns into a never ending obsession for which he’s willing to go beyond limits.

Faisal Qureshi as Zayan  who is insanely in love with his brother’s future wife, believes that everything is fair in love and war which is when brothers turn back on each other for a girl.

Aijazz Aslam as Mustafa the elder brother falls victim to his younger brother’s envy and Sarah Khan as Ana the lovable and innocent girl, who becomes the reason of the dispute between the two brothers. The love triangle causes a major reason of a break between relationships and  turn of events takes place. We all are aware that possessiveness and jealousy are the biggest rival of happiness, which is when  Shazia Naz as Hina comes to Mustafa’s rescue in the most dire of times.



Tum Meri Ho
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