Siskiyan Episode 17

October 7, 2013 1535 No Comments


Siskiyan follows the story of five women who belong to the affluent class of our society; but despite their wealth, their lives are filled with pain and sorrow.
Their worries for their husbands, their families and their status are
reflected in each and every climax of this masterpiece.
Depiction of the courage that enables them to deal with their
problems and their mutual support to each other during the hardships of life makes the story different and close to the real life

Atiqa Odho,

Aijaz Aslam,

Zhalay Sarhadi,

Zainab Qayyum,

Ali Afzal,

Yasra Rizvi

Asif Raza Mir,

and others.
Written By: Parisa Siddique
Directed By: Danish Nawaz



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