Sirat-e-Mustaqeem Season 2 (Aapa Begum) #ShaneRamazan | 13th April 2022

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Sirat-e-Mustaqeem Season 2 – Episode 11 – Aapa begum – 13th April 2022 – #ShaneRamazan

A ramazan special drama series highlighting the common issues of our society. Each episode will bring a new story. At the end of each episode, our host will have a discussion with Ulama Panel on the topic of that episode in Iftar.

Writer: Iqra Saif.
D.O.P: M. sikander Yousuf
Post & Promotion: Hassan Shafiq Minhaas & Wasay Fasi
Director: Kashif Jafferi
Producer: Abdullah Seja.

Babar Khan,
Marium Ansari,
Ammarah Chaudhry,
Sameer Hassan,
Syed Sharafat Ali Shah,
Syed Saim Ali,
Saba Patel.
Nazli Nasar,
Muhammad Ali Kamran Jilani.

#SirateMustaqeem #ShaneIftaar #AapaBegum



Shan e Ramazan 2022
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