Shikwa Ep – 06 – 14th June 2014

June 15, 2014 1121 No Comments


Shikwa a story of a struggling family facing the harsh realities of life. Family comprises of a single mother with two daughters and a son, who is now the only support for the entire family in every thick and thin.  They crave to achieve best in life, negating their faith and destiny.Munazza, the widow mother of Meher and Sidra, takes charge as the  caretaker of the house after the demise of her husband. Munazza being concerned about her young daughters, decides to get Meher married with Saqib her cousin, who is much older than Meher. Meher disapproves the proposal initially but then suppresses her feelings against her mother’s firm decision. This becomes the biggest remorse of Meher’s life as her life partner is twice her age.




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