Shehzada Saleem Ep – 35 – 23rd March 2016

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Shehzada Saleem Ep – 35 – 23rd March 2016Saleem is a mechanic by profession and belong to a lower class family but he is the prince of hearts..

For every prince there is a princess and he is waiting for her..

No matter what people think about him but his father has always treated him as his beloved “Shehzada”

Shehzada Saleem Ep – 35 – 23rd March 2016 – Drama Plot

Saleem might not be that good looking guy but for his mother he is one of the most handsome man and she will find the most beautiful girl for him.

Shazia belongs to a middle class family but her dreams are big.. Her prince charming will come. He may not be riding a white horse but he will treat me as his princess and it will be better than any fairytale.

Faisal is Shazia’s childhood friend and her dream life partner. Is he the one she was dreaming for?

Would she ever accept him as her Shehzada Saleem?



Shehzada Saleem
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