Shan-e-Sehr Part – 4 – 29th June 2016

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The holy month of Ramazan is sacred for every Muslim across the globe as it infuses spiritual beliefs with the spirit of sharing, sacrifice, and unity to strengthen their faith. ARY Digital proudly brings “Shan-e-Ramazan”once again to entertain and educate our esteemed viewers with special programs throughout Ramazan in Shan-e-Sehr and Shan-e-Iftar transmissions hosted by the very well known Junaid Jamshed and be loved Waseem Badami daily 2:00 am – 4:30 am (LIVE). A culturally oriented and religiously enlightening set of programs in “Shan-e-Seher” transmission will provide an excellent start to your fast.

Just like sehri transmission, “Shan-e-Iftar” is too filled with spiritually rich programs of diversified feel and notion that will uplift the essence of Ramazan and you. Daily 2:30 pm (LIVE) Start the Shan-e-Ramazan transmission daily with recitation of the Holy Quran by Junaid Jamshed in his soul touching voice and its translation featuring renowned religious scholars of different sects as guests, who will use their knowledge to discuss various religious issues and answer questions from the audience.

A daily intellectual lecture in Shan-e-Iftar by Junaid Jamshed on topics of daily matters of our society, in light with Islamic teachings and practices of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) along with a daily segment in Shan-e-Iftar by Dr. Ali Imran explaining arabic verses of the Holy Quran, its meanings and interpretations in urdu.

Islamic stories will be narrated to enlighten all of us with historic facts about Islam and prominent Islamic personalities. Daily Segments in Shan-e-Sehr by your favorite Junaid Jamshed, where he will suggest different virtuous supplications to audience. A daily segment in Shan-e-Sehr that will provide viewers to be a part of Shan-e-Ramazan transmission from just being at home with special LIVE Skype sessions.

A distinguished and renowned celebrity will be the special guest of “Shan-e-Iftar” daily. Live interaction with audience and fun chit chat sessions will make the transmission a lot more interactive and fun, paired with daily segments in Shan-e-Iftar by Junaid Jamshed where he will conduct prayer sessions to thank Almighty Allah (SWT) for his generosities and well being everyone.



Shan-e-Ramazan 2016
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