Shukk Ep – 02 – 5th August 2014

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Mistrust can lead any relationship to torn apart; this serial is focused on the jealousy and mistrust. The story is revolving around the Ehtisham, Sania, and Sehrish. Sehrish and Ehtisham are married with each other and living a happy life. The story takes a turn when Sehrish comes to know about the Sania who is previously engaged with Ehtisham. This turns out to be a great misunderstanding between the couple, which not only disturb their life but it also ruins the life of Sania and her husband Ali.

Written by: Sameera Fazal

Directed by: Yasir Nawaz


Badar Khalil
Ayesha Khan (senior)
Adeel Hussain
Shamim Hilali
Sanam Saeed
Jibran Syed



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