Shadi Se Pahle Ye Haal Hai To Shadi Ke Bad Kia Hoga? – Minal Khan [Best Scene] Jalan Presented By Ariel

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Jalan Is About How Greed Can Take You To Any Extent

Jalan depicts the extent to which a person can go in jealousy and greed.

Misha and Nisha are two sisters; Nisha’s ambition leads her to destroy the life of her own sister.

Minal Khan as Nisha is the youngest daughter of her family. She is extremely spoiled and used to getting whatever she wants.

Areeba Habib as Misha is the elder sister of Nisha. She is loving and mature. She always gives in to Nisha, and let her take away all her prized possessions.

Both the sisters have polar opposite personalities. Misha always compromises while Nisha does not believe in compromising under any circumstances.

Sajida Syed as Sajeela and Mohammed Ahmed as Tanveer are the parents of Misha and Nisha.

Tanveer and Sajeela live happily with their two daughters whom they love a lot.

Emmad Irfani as Asfandyar belongs to a well-off family. He is charming and a complete gentleman. He falls in love with Misha at first sight and both of them get married.

Fahad Sheikh as Ahmer is the maternal cousin of Nisha and Misha. He is head over heels in love with Nisha.

Nisha might have Ahmer’s love but she is jealous of her sister’s lifestyle after marriage and starts to idealize Asfandyar which slowly becomes an obsession.

Directed By: Aabis Raza

Written By: Sidra Sehar Imran


Minal Khan
Areeba Habib
Emmad Irfani
Fahad Sheikh
Mohammed Ahmed
Sajida Syed
Nadia Hussain
Maira Khan
Sabiha Hashmi
Hajra Yamin

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