Rung Laaga Ep 33 – 28th October 2015

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Rung Laaga Ep 33 – 28th October 2015 – Drama Plot

Samina gets to know about Shauqat’s plan that all the kidnapping was fake. When she is seeing the pictures he starts beating her and she knocks him off and leaves. On her way she meets her father’s friend Saleem and he takes her to his house. When Shauqat is conscious again he goes to Ashiq and threatens him to find Samina or else Shauqat will kill everyone. The next morning Saleem tells Ashiq that Samina is safe with him. Samina’s mother over-heard all this and goes to Saleem’s house to meet her daughter which was a very joyful moment for both of them. Ashiq finally realized that he has done wrong with his daughters and because of this his daughters hate him.

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Rung Laaga
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