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Riffat Aapa Ki Bahuein Ep – 96 – 25th April 2016

April 25, 2016 3112 No Comments


Riffat Aapa Ki Bahuein Ep – 96 – 25th April 2016The story of ‘Riffat Aapa Ki Bahuein’ reflects a harsh reality of society; where strong women like her dictates others on all household matters.

Riffat Aapa Ki Bahuein Ep – 96 – 25th April 2016 – Drama Plot

Her stubborn attitude becomes a source of anarchy among her children and daughter-in-law. It touches upon the fact that many times close relations become the reason of distress in the lives of a happy family.

Riffat is an authoritative mother and head of family. Faiza is the dominating mother-in-law, Minahil is the eldest daughter-in-law, who is wicked in nature.

Minahil is the devoted niece and daughter-in-law and Sana is a self-centered daughter.

Riffat is a dominating but loving mother and Aslam is an obedient elder so,n Arham flamboyant son of Riffat Appa. Whereas Arsam is an open minded and lively son of Riffat Appa.



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