Pyarey Afzal Ep – 28 – 10th June 2014

June 10, 2014 12074 No Comments


The power of words is a wonderful thing. It can melt a frozen heart, unite lovers, and mend pain. Pyarey Afzal is a heart touching story of a young man’s struggle, to win the woman of his dreams. using words to paint canvases of love and affection. He expresses his desires in letters, but keeps them a secret. but when a conflict arises between families, the young man is forced to leave his home, a situation that exposes his hidden letters to every one, including the woman of his affections.

Yasmeen fell in love with Afzal but he does not love her and tells her that he is a goon now so she should forget him.



Pyarey Afzal
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