Paiwand Ep 17 – 22nd August 2015

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Paiwand Ep 17 – 22nd August 2015Women are always considered to be understanding and accommodating to every  formidable situation in life.

Paiwand Ep 17 – 22nd August 2015 Drama Plot

Paiwand Ep 17, A story of an extra ordinary girl, Saniya and her widow mother Tabassum, who gets married to Mr. Malik leaving Saniya on the mercy of her uncle. Saniya brought up by her uncle alone, wants to become an independent and practical girl. She starts working from very tender age to get rid of her step father’s pity financial support .

Though mystery of destiny unfolds new plans for her. As Malik’s daughter  (Maya) runs away with her boyfriend on her wedding day, Saniya is forced to get married instead of her. Saniya saves the pride of her step father by marrying Hassam, acting as a replacement or “ Paiwand ”

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