Nibah Episode 23 – 15th June 2018

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Mubashir, Saira & Feeni are their children. They were living a joyful life. Their happiness gets into stake and trouble when Saiqa gets diagnosed with cancer that shakes their world terribly.

Sofia is another lead of the story. She is the school teacher of those kids. She is over-age & not married yet. She was engaged to her cousin in a very young age and she is still waiting for him. Majid is that cousin who after getting married leaves her because he was never interested in her.

Saiqa before dying takes promise from Shaheer to get married again for the sake of their children. Shaheer was forced to get married to Sofia and so as Sofia was enforced to get married again to live the rest of her life. Shaheer on the very first day of their marriage tells Sofia that this marriage is only because of his children and he has no other reason to live with her. Sofia accepts the this cruel reality and starts compromising. She tries her level best to give his children a love of a mother; but they hate her and they are making all efforts to kick her out of their house.

Will Sofia ever get the place of Saiqa? Will they accept her? Will they end up being a happy family that lives together?

Director: AABIS RAZA



  • Asif Raza Mir as Shaheer
  • Savera Nadeem as Saiqa
  • Abdul Ahad Khan as Mubashir
  • Anzeela Abbasi as Saira
  • Amir Qureshi as Majid
  • Amina Sheikh as Sofia
  • Kunwar Nafees
  •  Sundas Tariq
  • Syed Muhammad Ahmed



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