Naraaz Ep – 11 – 18th January 2016

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Naraaz Ep – 11 – 18th January 2016Naraaz Ep – 11 – 18th January 2016

Pride will cost you everything but leave you with nothing.

‘Naraaz’ a realistic story of a couple Azlan and Fariha, when their high-end lifestyle is drastically changed due to sudden downfall in Azlan’s business. This downfall makes him dependent on his wife’s parents. His pride and ego become his biggest enemy to accept any support from Fariha.

A self-obsessed and arrogant man who is willing to sacrifice his family for pride.

True relations are the ones that emerge from testing times. A sacrificing wife who faces all the wrath of

Azlan’s anger and bitterness patiently.

Sometimes the pain of being misunderstood is greater than the ache of distrust. Confused child stuck in between his father’s ego and mother’s love.

Together they make a perfect family in spite of all odds…



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