Mushkil waqt hai , per ye bhi Guzar Jaega

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Class difference is a bitter reality of the society, but class difference within a family can create hatred and jealousy among the family members.

Chandni Begum is a drama serial That portrays how . class system can ruin the Relationship between siblings and their children.

Shafiq Sahab and Ashfaq Sahab are siblings with a great class difference. Shafiq Sahab is financially stable and Ashfaq Sahab belongs to a middle class family.

Khirad and Usman are loving siblings who belong to a middle class family and always stand by each other through thick and thin. Their relationship changes after they agree to exchange marriage with their uncle’s children.

For Khirad, love does not seewealth, status, race or creed. She falls in love with her maternal uncle’s son Sahir, who is a passionate boy but is under the influence of his sister-in-law “Chandni Begum”



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