Mujhe Qabul Hai Ep 50 – 19th August 2015

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Mujhe Qabul Hai Ep 50 – 19th August 2015 Drama Plot

The plot of Mujhe Qabul Hai Ep 50, a revolves around the life of Zara who pays for her innocence throughout the journey. She has been brought up by her uncle after her father’s demise.

To safe her uncle’s dignity she is now paying for the life time shelter she has got from him and that is why she ends up saying Mujhe Qabul Hai in every thick and thin decision of life.

You can rule on your siblings but ruling your children with same dominancy can spoil their lives..

Zara’s biggest support is her mother and at times your own friend turns out to be different as a life partner…

There are some people who continuously look for conflicts and others have to pay for it..

This Drama is a daily soap drama on ARY Digital



Mujhe Qabul Hai
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