Mohay Piya Rang Laaga Ep – 53 – 20th April 2016

April 20, 2016 1629 No Comments


What happens when two people who really hate each other are tied down in a relationship which has no escape..?

Life is full of coincidences. MohayPiya Rang Laaga is a story of Sikandar and Norin who were strangers to each other and coincidently came across.

They always end up fighting with each other on every random meeting and hate each other the most but there are some coincidences in life which seem to be destined just like their marriage.

Norin’s mother is looking for Norin’s perfect match and Sikandar’s mother wants him to get settled in his life soon. They are excited about their matrimony but they are unaware that they are getting married to each other.

Sikandar’ssister-in-law; is the wicked character of the family and Tasnim’s sister is interested in Sikandar. Elder sister of Norin is sweet in nature but evil in her deeds and Norin’s brother has a cunning wife.

Although their marriage was a coincidence but sometimes the perfect person for you is who you least expected to be..!!



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