Mere Ajnabi Ep – 14 – 4th November 2015

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Mere Ajnabi Ep – 14 – 4th November 2015Every dream begins with passion. If you have a firm belief on your passion; nothing can take it away from you.

Mere Ajnabi Ep – 14 –  4th November 2015 – Drama Plot

Hareem Mustafa, is a poet and is passionate about her writing. Her father has always been against her passion of being a poet. He is a conservative father who likes to keep her restrained from her dreams.

Hareem’s mother has always been very over protective for her because of her father’s strict nature and his restrictions always make both the mother and daughter suffer. Hareem has always dreamed about Ayan as her  soul mate. She got even married to him but she never got his love just because sometimes life does not give you what you think you want; not because you don’t deserve it but because you deserve something better.

Hareem suffered, was discouraged, dishearten but she never lost hope because even after a darkest night the sun always rise! And with that hope someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with someone else.

Mohid Shuja is the one. The perfect match, the love Hareem has been waiting for, the soul mate she always dreamed for.

Everything changes but, love remains the same!

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Mere Ajnabi
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