Meray Dard Ki Tujhai Kya Khabar Ep 13 – 25th July 2015

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Meray Dard Ki Tujhai Kya Khabar Ep 13A girl starts dreaming when she finds someone she know she has to spend her life with… Who will make her life as beautiful as heaven.

Meray Dard Ki Tujhai Kya Khabar Ep 13 – 25th July 2015 Drama Plot

Zara was engaged and never expected such cruel behavior from life… Life was treating her according to her dreams… But a brutal dark night took all her dreams away and handed her regrets for life…

Her mistake was spending a night with someone she doesn’t even know!

Even her own family disowned her at the time of support and never trusted her… So there was another guy who accepted her while showing mercy…

And she thought he can heal her pain and take all of her sorrows away…

But life ditched her once again… And then one fine day in a random walk of life she found that stranger once again… And the twists in the journey of life continues..

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