Mera Qasoor Episode 23 | Part 1 | 27th Nov 2019

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A father is the head of the family who keeps the family together. Mera Qasoor depicts how a father’s unfounded and excessive hardships cause the children to rebel, resulting in a loss on both sides…

(Late) Abid Ali as Raees

Raees is a stern man who keeps his children under strict control. His inflexible nature has always made him distant from his children.

Maryam Fatima as Maheen

Maryam is the eldest daughter of Raees. She has become a rebel because of her father’s stubborn nature.

Zubi Mujeed as Samreen

Samreen is the youngest daughter of Raees. Raees treats her better than his other children as she has an obedient nature.

Despite their different nature, both sisters are close to each other…

Haris Waheed as Bilal

Bilal is Raees’ sister, Gul Bano’s son and his nephew. On the outside, he seems quiet, but very few people know about his dark nature.

Bilal’s insecure and abusive nature causes problems in Maheen’s life, and their marriage…

Sajeer Uddin as Siddique

Siddique is the brother of Raees’ wife, Nasreen with whom they have an estranged relationship.

Natalia Owais as Kinza

Natalia is the only daughter of Raees’ wife Nasreen’s brother, Siddique. She is well loved by her parents.


Writer: Saba Hassan
Director: Zahid Mehmood


Shabbir Jan
(Late) Abid Ali,
Maryam Fatima,
Natalia Owais,
Haris Waheed,
Zubi Mujeed,
Rabia Noureen,
Tabraiz Shah,
Humaira Bano,
Sajeer Uddin Khalifa,
Sabahat Adil,
Benazir Khan,
Mirza Rizwan and others.



Mera Qasoor
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