Mehman – Last Episode

March 21, 2008 2196 No Comments


This is the story of traditions and human relationships. A Malaysian woman came to Pakistan at her in laws house to find a suitable guy for her daughter. Her husband is a Pathan and she can’t forget his love and that is the reason why she desires to get her daughter married with a Pakistani. She was not welcomed in the family because her in laws think that she took their son away of them and now she came to take someone else. Their idea becomes true when she asked her husband’s brother to find someone for her daughter. This is a beautiful story that highlights the positive elements about Pakistani traditions.

Written by: Zafar Miraj

Directed by: Zeba Bakhtiar


Ayub khosa,
Shabbir Jan,
Sami Khan Niazi,
Amanullah Nasir,
Hameed Shaik
Humayun Mehboob
Hedayat Hussain
Usman Hanif
Wajid Khan
Aisha Khan
Farah Shah
Maira Khan and Others.



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