Main Sari Zindagi Tumhara Intezar Karne Ko Tyar Hon [Romantic Scene] – Take your time || Sarah Khan.

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Tumhare Hain is the tale of three people who are entangled in the relationship of love and friendship. Rayan who is head over heels in love with Aania is aware that she loves him back but her insecurities are larger than her love. Insecurities of the very strong bond of Rayan and his best friend Zoya, the two are inseparable.

Zoya is madly in love with Danial and only to be with him she leaves everything but in the end he leaves her stranded and ditches her. For Rayan his friendship means the world to him which is why he chooses Zoya over Aania and marries her.

Writer: Parisa Siddiqi

Director: Shehrazade Sheikh


Agha Ali as Rayan
Sarah Khan as Aania



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