Main Haari Ep – 28

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Main HaarMain Haari’ is  all about the vicious lust of money and its consequences. Saga revolves around Ahsan and Sarah, both bonded with the relation of love; which is pure for one and a deception for the other. Sarah being a filthy rich girl traps in a nefarious plan of Ahsan, who portrayed a deceptive love and concern towards her. The plan is to acquire her wealth after marriage, as Ahsan and his brother Safeer usually remain jobless and are of no use for the society. Sarah decides to marry Ahsan against the consent of her family. And soon after the marriage, the darker side of Ahsan and his brother reveals on her. And adding another twist to the story Bela, the daughter of Sarah’s sister decides to move at her place after the demise of her mother. The tragedy emerged as an opportunity for Safeer, as he traps her in his vicious web of false love. Can Ahsan & Safeer acquire the wealth they dream? Will Sarah & Bela be able to escape from their trap? What will be the end to this



Main Haari
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