Main Gunehgar Nahi Ep – 12

February 12, 2012 1188 No Comments


This is a heart melting story of a woman who is treated badly in the society and she keep trying to prove that she has done nothing wrong. The serial shows how a woman is treated in our society just because she is a woman. The story also shows how she was rejected by her own family during the period she was shattered and she needs them seriously. The story reflects the real face of our society.

Written by: Seema Munaf

Directed by: Nadeem Siddiqi


Shamoon Abbasi,
Farooq Zameer,
Sami Khan Niazi,
Salahuddin Tunio,
Faizan Khawaja,
Mawra Hocane ( Hussain )



Main Gunehgar Nahi
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