Kuch Khawab Thay Meray Ep – 04

January 23, 2015 1200 No Comments


Kuch Khawab Thay MerayKuch Khawab Thay Meray’ is the story of three different families who are trying to settle down in their life. The first family is of Zibaida Begum who has a son Talha and daughter Lizaray. The second family is of Mr. Bajwa who always supports Zubaida because of his secret love. Talha is in love with Rubab who always through of a prince who will come and rescue her through this life. Talha gets married with Rubab but soon she asked for a divorce because she thinks that he is not good for her. On the other hand Lizaray is in love with Aayan who is a flirty guy and keep changing his girl friends.



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