Khushi Ek Roag Episode – 23

June 23, 2012 1492 No Comments


A compelling and heart wrenching tale, that revolves around the subject of adoption, the people in who are desperate enough to give their children away and those who try to make them a part of their lives, and the children themselves as they struggle to find acceptance. Theme: Is a child who is not your own blood, not a part of your family, not worthy of your love?


Yumna Zaidi,
Shahood Alvi,
Farhan Ally Agha,
Naheed Shabbir,
Agha Shiraz,
Sami Khan,
Saleem Iqbal,
Ayaz Samoo

Writter: Seema Manaf

Directer: Mohsin Mirza



Khushi Ek Roag
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