Khushboo Ka Ghar Ep 25

March 25, 2011 803 No Comments


This drama starts with a happy and contented lives of a young couple, and their four young children. First the father and then the mother passes. Their extended family decides that each of their close relatives will assume the guardianship of one child each. The siblings are separated and this emotional turmoil continues till they reach adulthood. We have Aiman who deeply resents the fact that the four are separated and wants to reunite them; there is Abeera who is more docile and sacrificing. Then there is Fizza who is a mixture of both, and Ahmed who has been pampered to death by his paternal aunt.
Cast :

Faysal Qureshi,
Saima Qureshi,
Maria Zahid,
Seema Seher,
Amber Arshad,
Rashid Farooqi,
Erum Akhter,
Seemi Pasha,
Sami Sani,
Isha Noor,
Sana Askari,
Nabeel Qureshi,
Raheel Butt,
Fiza Arif and Saba Arif.

Directed by Mohsin Mirza

Written by Rukhsana Nigar



Khushboo Ka Ghar
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