Khoat Ep – 26 – 25th September 2016

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A man who uses women as a weapon to fight for him and as a stair to reach his desired destiny; never achieves it!

Khoat is a story that revolves around Javed Ayaz ( Jibran Khan), a hypocrite who flirts and deceives others for his benefit. He belongs to a lower middle class family; but his goals are higher and in order to achieve them, he fools different women at different stages of his life.


Shagufta (Maria Wasti) is a smart politician who meets Javed in a random party and a new game starts from there..

Javed finds her as another golden opportunity to accomplish his never ending goals; he marries her and tries to trap her but instead gets trapped himself.

What goes around comes around…

Writer: Imran Nazir

Director: Amin Iqbal


  • Zhalay Sarhadi as Sunaina
  • Maria Wasti as Shagufta


Watch ‘ Khoat ‘ Every Sunday at 10:00 pm only on ARY Digital. If you miss any of the episodes watch them here.



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