Khatoon Manzil Ep – 15 – 5th November 2015

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Khatoon Manzil Ep – 15 – 5th November 2015Khatoon Manzil Ep 15,Is an exciting story of Sanjeeda Khatoon and her interesting family members. Sanjeeda Khatoon has two sons and the story revolves around both the families and their daily routine rifts that take place between both the family members. The love triangle between cousins adds spice in the story.

Khatoon Manzil Ep – 15 – 5th November 2015

Sanjeeda Khatoon is the most dominating khatoon (mother) of the family. Abba Jaan is the father of the family who is full of life. Sajid is son of Sanjeeda Khatoon, Wajid is the other son of Sanjeeda Khatoon. Sajid and Wajid love their wives but don’t express in front of Sanjeeda Khatoon.

Tasleem is the daughter-in-law of Sanjeeda Khatoon. Nighat is the other daughter-in-law of Sanjeeda Khatoon. Kuku is the only daughter of Wajid and the center of attention in the family. Shahrukh is the son of Sajid who is after Kuku.  Aamir is another hyper active son of Sajid. And Salman is the third over excited son of Sajid.

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Khatoon Manzil
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