Khata Ep – 02 – 17th September 2014

September 17, 2014 1727 No Comments


The power of love can bring unbelievable wonders and happiness in people’s lives. But in the face of misunderstandings, love can be put to test. ‘Khata’ is the story of a young boy and girl, who in all appearances are made for each other. But one small mistake creates havoc in their lives as well as their families.

Rumi went to Rabia’s place to meet her but Rabia’s aunty saw them together. Threatening them that she will tell Rabia’s father she fell and hit her head and she fainted. This scared the young couple and they escaped from the house, when the parents came back they saw the aunty fainted and Rabia missing which freaked out the parents. Rabia and Rumi are scared to go back home and everyone is finding that where are they.

When Saira who is Rabia’s aunt comes into her senses she told Rabia’s mother that Rabia ran away with Rumi.