Kaisa Yeh Junoon Ep – 04

March 4, 2008 1209 No Comments


Kaisa Yeh Junoon is about extremism of both kinds whether it’s religious or after materials of this world… and the effects that both can have in our lives. It is also about people lost in their lustful wealthy dreams that they forget thier families and children and let them become prey to confusion and insecurities.

Written by: Haseena Moin

Directed by: Raana Shaikh


Kirron Kher,

Asif Raza Mir,

Savera Nadeem,

Azfar Rehman,

Ayesha Omar,

Ali Kazmi

Talal Saeed

Madiha Iftekhar

Hassan Niazi

Farah Nadeem

Pamula Rull and Others



Kaisa Yeh Junoon
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