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Kab Mere Kehlaoge Episode 87 – 13th July 2018

July 13, 2018 1733 No Comments


You don’t find love, it finds you!

The story revolves around Ujala, Mohsin and Faria. Ujala is a girl who belongs to a poor family whose marriage was fixed with her cousin in their childhood. They have never seen each other.

Kashif’s brother who always runs after money tries to get Ujala married to a man with low caliber, right at the time of marriage; Ujala’s cousin Mohsin along with his mother appears. He is the one with whom her marriage was fixed.He signs the nikkah paper under family pressure to save Ujala’s life.

They are married on papers only. Mohsin hates Ujala and never wants to see her.

Faria is another main lead of the story who loves Mohsin and is getting married to him. Mohsin has never told her about his nikkah. She is a collage friend of Ujala and somehow finds the truth and leaves Mohsin.

Writer: Seema Sheikh
Director: Umer Gulzari & Muhammad Shafiq


  • Daniyal Afzal as Mohsin Raza
  • Maryam Fatima as Ujala
  • Yashma Gil as Faria
  • Adnan Saeed as Kashif
  • Javeria Ajmal as Savera
  • Tasneem Ansari
  • Naeem Malik
  • Rubina Arif
  • Saman Abid
  • Naeema Garaj
  • Anita Camphor
  • Fareeda Shabir
  • Asma Shiraz
  • Mohsin Gilani




Kab Mere Kehlaoge

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