Judai Ep – 27 – 24th August 2016

August 24, 2016 1948 No Comments


Haider is the elder son of Hassan and Mehr, he is very quiet but dominant and does not forgive people easily.

Then what is the secret of Hassan’s life? The secret of Hassan’s life was his another wife.

She got married to him to get financial support after her first husband’s death. She is in deep depression because of the cruel behavior of life towards her. Her first husband was Hassan’s friend and after his death Hassan had no other option to support her financially except for getting married.

Writer: Parisa Siddiqui

Director: Roomi Insha


  • Samina Pirzada as Meher
  • Saima Noor as Geeti
  • Usman Pirzada as Hassan
  • Firdous Jamal as Junaid
  • Neelam Munir as Zeena
  • Affan Waheed as Hamza


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