Judai Ep – 17 – 12th June 2016

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Life is another name of reality and most of the times reality breaks happiness and dreams. It was also a happy family just before the reality was revealed.

Everybody has past; so as he but his past is complicated enough to destroy families.

Mehr is the wife of Hassan, she is very understanding and loyal to her husband but what secret of her husband would make her dishearten from life?

Hamza is the younger son of Hassan and Mehr, he is very lively but stubborn about the decisions of life.

Haider is the elder son of Hassan and Mehr, he is very quiet but dominant and does not forgive people easily.

Then what is the secret of Hassan’s life? The secret of Hassan’s life was his another wife.

She got married to him to get financial support after her first husband’s death. She is in deep depression because of the cruel behavior of life towards her. Her first husband was Hassan’s friend and after his death Hassan had no other option to support her financially except for getting married.

She is intellectual, smart but the reality of life has made her harsh towards everyone. She is Geeti’s daughter from her first husband. She consider Hassan as someone who is just a financer to her and she hates him for the sympathy he showed towards her mother.

The climax of the story begins when both of them get to meet each other and the climax continues when Zeena and Hamza fall in love with each other without knowing about each other’s family reality.



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