Janey Kiun – Last Episode – 4th September 2014

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There is no bond more beautiful than a marriage that springs from love. Love marriages are comparatively measured to be more successful but it can also take a u-turn. But when the bond of love is forced and manipulated by circumstance it can get harmful. When one is upset it affects everyone around and all those involved, relationships are destroyed, trust is broken, and the peace and joy of a once simple but happy household is shattered into a thousand pieces.

Haniya and Uzair tied a knot in a love marriage but the mother-in-law made life difficult for Haniya. She was not happy with the relationship and always wanted it to end. But when Haniya went home after the whole depressing scene the mother-in-law realized that importance of the daughter-in-law. She was ashamed of her behavior and wanted Haniya to come back. Uzair had tried his best to bring her back but it didn’t happen.

But after all the thinking Haniya decided to come back and to lead a happy life with Uzair, Abdullah and the family.



Janey Kiun
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