Janey Kiun Ep – 18 – 28th August 2014

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There is no bond more beautiful than a marriage, that springs from love. But when that bond is forced and manipulated by circumstance.The situation harms not just one person,but all those involved, relationships are destroyed, trust is broken, and the peace and joy of a once simple but happy household is shattered into a thousand pieces.

In the second last episode of ‘Janey Kiun’ we see that Bi-ama passed way and Uzair is very upset about it. He fights with Haniya and tells her to leave the house, this tension and anxiety usually makes people break out and it always gives a negative reaction. The whole confusion behind the robbery of the jewelry added the chaos and Saba was being the secretive one. Uzair insultingly demands for a divorce from Haniya and asked her to leave the house and she goes back to her father’s place.



Janey Kiun
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