Ishq Parast Ep 18 – 18th June 2015

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Ishq Parast Ep 18Ishq Parast Ep 18, A story about  young, beautiful and charming girl Dua, who has her own fantasies and dreams about her love and life. Tonight in Ishq Parast she has promised herself to have the best version of everything about herself in her life. Falling in love with Humza was the unsurpassed part of her life. But not everybody can envision your dreams and understand the feelings of young aged love. Her father Saif Mushtaq never did and Dua’s mother Khadija even she supported her husband only.

Ishq Parast Ep 18 – 18th June 2015 Drama Plot

If your love holds your hand tightly; you might not need anyone else’s support, but if he leaves, you feel completely shattered. But loving someone and getting married to that same person is not always possible because, realities are always different than fantasies.

Dua’s reality is her husband Zohaib and sharing her love is another cruel realism of life, her sister in-law Arsala and since then Dua’s fantasies are following her realities. Stay tuned for the next episode of Ishq Parast

This Drama is one of the most watched drama on ARY Digital



Ishq Parast
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