Guriya Rani Ep 91 – 24th September 2015

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Guriya RaniGuriya Rani Ep 91, A challenge for children if parents passes away. The Eldest Sibling now becomes head of the family and responsibility of entire family is shouldered upon him to watch Guriya Rani Ep 91 click here .

Guriya Rani Ep 91 – 24th September 2015 Drama Plot

‘Guriya Rani’ is a story about Paressa who is brought-up by Aliyan (her elder brother) after their parent’s early demise. She has been pampered with love and affection as a little doll by Aliyan. His fatherly love for Paressa enticed Alyian to find a suitable proposal who will live with them after their marriage. The search for perfect soul mate continues…

This Drama is a daily soap drama on ARY Digital



Guriya Rani
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