Ghar Jamai Episode 14 – 12th January 2019

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Ghar Jamai is a hilarious sitcom that will make you roll with laughter, and turn your weekends brighter!

Iqtedaar Ali aka Akki, played by the dapper Shahroz Sabzwari has done Masters in Zoology, but could never find a job. Left with no choice, he ends up becoming a Ghar Jamai and does all the household chores for his wife and her family.

Akki marries Warda, played by the talented Namrah Shahid, who works at a multinational company and supports her family. She is in love with Akki and convinces him to become a Ghar Jamai.

Firdous Kamal, played by Shagufta Ejaz, is Warda’s mother. She is a loving mother to her kids, but a horrible mother-in-law to Akki. She leaves no chance to make his life a living hell.

Sweet, played by Zuhab Khan is Warda’s younger brother. He has spent all his life amongst women, and loves to do back-biting and gossiping just like them!

Warda is always in a dilemma. On one side, it is her mother and brother, and on the other side, it is her husband Akki. She hates to take sides!

Sweet conspires with his mother against Akki, and they think of new ways to torture him so that he would leave the house.

Despite their differences, they live together like a true family!

Directed By: Rana Rizwan

Written By: Khurram Abbas


Shagufta Ejaz,
Shehroz Sabzwari,
Namrah Shahid,
Zuhab Khan



Ghar Jamai
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