Ek Mohabbat Kay Baad Ep – 14 – 28th August 2014

August 28, 2014 1513 No Comments


Story of love, hatred and sacrifice, when a man finds himself entangle between two women. Sharing of love and attention is mere impossible, specially when relationships are kept secret. Absence of trust makes relations distance apart.

Ahmer Hussain finds it difficult to maintain a balance between responsibility and love. As he marries Jiya despite of having a loving wife Rania, who is unable to give birth to a child even after 5 years of marriage. But Rania finally gives birth to two beautiful kids and but the boy is physically challenged. He went through an operation and after that he was asked to walk but due to carelessness the child falls down and the case gets complicated.

On the other hand Adnan is asked to leave the hostel and Ahmer buys a house for him with a nanny. While Adnan was settling in the new house the robbers break in and Ahmer gets stuck as in he should go to Rania to see his child or go and solve Adnan’s fear. Ahmer is also thinking to tell Rania about the whole situation of the past and about Adnan,



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