Dil Dard Dhuan Ep 299

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The Story of a family. its integration, association, love and disputes. family of rashida (badar khalil), whose only son farhan (ahsan khan) is the centre of all her attentions and farhan also love and care his mother, as well as his sisters a lot. this family is a classical example of a loving and a caring family, but eventually farhan falls in love of a wicked girl, soniya (sadia imam). soniya formulates a vicious plan to entangle farhan in the web of her impure love, with the help of her aunt, geo jan (hina dilpazer). ultimately soniya gets way to the house of farhan and this marks the disintegration of farhan’s family.

Director: : Asim Ali

Writer : Samina Ejaz
Cast :

Badar Khalil,
Sadia Imam,
Ahsan Khan,
Meekal Zulfiqar,
Hina Dilpazeer,



Dil Dard Dhuan
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