Dehleez Ep – 03

February 25, 2013 855 No Comments


‘Dehleez’ is the story of a woman who faces many hardships and problems in order to create a better life for her children. After being forced out of her home by her own husband, she settles in an underprivileged neighborhood, where with the help and support of her neighbors she is able to rise on her feet and support her children. The journey of her struggle is depicted in a heart-touching manner that makes ‘Dehleez’ a masterpiece to remember.

Written by: Nuzhat Saman

Directed by: Muhammad Iftikhar


Rubina Ashraf,
Aisha Khan,
Badar Khan,
Ishaa Noor
Naveed Raza
Zulqarnain Haider
Rida Isfahani
Anita Campher
Nazli Nasar and others.



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