My Dear Sotan Ep – 10

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My Dear Sotan For some wealth is a lust and for some it is a need. ‘My Dear Sotan’ is a story of a girl, Tehzeeb as for her wealth is the most basic necessity of life. Tehzeeb is an ambitious girl, living in a below middle class family. She is engaged to Meharban from her childhood, but her elder sister Saadia has a crush on Meharban; hence she turns against Tehzeeb and develops a bad feeling for her. Soon after college, Tehzeeb joins Taj as his secretary. Taj is an old business man, whose wife and son are just after his property and wealth. After being witness to Tehzeeb’s ambition and need, Taj proposes her for his second marriage, as he needs a loyal and devoted partner at this part of his life. Tehzeeb initially refuse the offer of Taj, but ultimately feel compelled to accept the proposal for her domestic issues and deprivations. Initially it was assumed by her, that Taj will not live long, but her perception proves wrong and now she is old and alone and looking for a partner.



My Dear Sotan
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