Daddy Episode 09

May 22, 2014 833 No Comments


Daddy is a story about a very close knit family. it is the story of a two individuals a husband(jehanzeb) and his wife (aanya) and their three beautiful children; it is the story of a woman who is a good wife and a devoted mother and has been married for 20 years. she is passionate about two things…her family and films. all her life she has wanted to be a film maker. on her 40th birthday she realizes that she is now getting old… her children are much older and she wants to complete her dream. being a loving and devoted mother she knows her going will affect her family….. but with the encouragement of her father in law (khyaam sarhadi) and elder son (hassam) and the reluctant support of her husband (sajid hasan), she leaves for a few months to follow her dream



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